Nine Secrets of The Worlds Most Persuasive Presentations

Here is a weird combination. What do you think mosquitoes, Oprah Winfrey, and a neurologist researching her own stroke have in common???

Each has been used to provide memorable moments in some of the worlds most persuasive presentations that are viewed millions of times per day. How would you like to add some of that magic to your presentation skillset? I know I would.

Check out Nine Secrets of the Worlds Most Persuasive Presentations. Even if you don’t have to make presentations or speak in front of an audience, you’ll get a kick out of hearing stories about mosquitoes and Bill Gates and finding out why a neurologist was excited about  having a stroke.

You’ll also hear a little about a concept called Pathos which means invoking emotion or feelings in your persuasion technique. I give you a pretty nice Pathos invoking picture towards the end. Good Stuff.


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