How I Turned a New Skillset into Income


Remember: “If you can use your interests to make a living then it’s safe to say that the more you learn, the more interests you develop, so the more ways you can make a living.”

OK, these past few weeks have been pretty busy for me. One of the things I’ve been working on is improving my online video skillset.  I came up with the idea of producing a sports video playbook for coaches and players (The idea came straight from using my SuccessBook for idea tracking).

Picture this, Alex is on a new sports team and the coach hands him a playbook to learn. Alex (and his dad) take hours out of their week (on top of homework) to memorize the lines, arrows, X’s and O’s on the pages that form the playbook. Staring at the dotted lines, arrows, and circles is boring to Alex. On top of that he is still confused about what he does on “Green Right, Option 3″ when he gets to practice the next week.

Rewind … [cue tape rewind noise]…. The coach hands Alex a video DVD or emails Alex (and his dad) a link to a secure location on the internet where they can see “Green Right” broken down down option by option in a video complete with the coach narrating the play and music in the background. Alex not only knows what he needs to do on Option, 2, 3, and 4 but where everyone else should be and what they should do. He becomes the field general and his confidence overflows. He moves from 4th string QB to starter and wins the state championship, then becomes the first 12 year old to win a Heisman trophy, a college national championship, Super Bowl and World Series MVP; all while developing an instant fix for ACL tears, and ending world hunger. YES, 12 years old!! [Totally fictional by the way] but you get the picture.

The moral of the story is that the videos provide the kids with an audio/visual example of how the plays are supposed to run and a break down of each option which provides a better understanding of the plays.

I talked with my son’s AAU basketball coach Ed Riley (great guy by the way) over at about the videos and the concept of a “video playbook” and provided a demo. (Click here to see the demo).

I wanted to share that this skillset has turned into a contract to produce an entire “video playbook” and I plan on marketing this concept to other coaches as well as in other sports. You can check out the playbook demo by clicking here.

The next step is to create an MVP (Not Super Bowl MVP but Minimum Viable Product) and validate a “Video Playbook” product or service. Looks like we have experiment #2. Will keep you posted on how it turns out.

Remember, we should always learn new skills to add to our skill sets. You never know when a new skill will turn into a new income stream.


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