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TAG, You’re it

There is an ongoing problem of getting more eyes on content. Sometimes I feel that I may have just written the best blog article known to the internet, or just created a video worthy of an Oscar nomination. The problem is that I post them and they just sit there...

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First Experiment – CodeBugz

For today’s post I was initially going to talk more about the Lean Startup process and the build, measure, learn feedback loop. However I decided to switch gears, take a look at experiments and walk through where I am on my current experiment (CodeBugz). Let’s see what happens. First, a...

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Experiment Template

Take a look at the CodeBugz Experiment Overview. Feel free to use the example as a guide. Idea: CodeBugz Tech Camp Questions 1) Is there a demand for the product (Do customers recognize that they have the problem?) Is there a demand for year round youth/young at heart, tech camp?...