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Why The Lean StartUp Method – Part 1

We’ve mentioned that iLaunchPod combines lean startup, software development lifecycle and internet marketing methodologies to provide a comprehensive resource for anyone at any phase of business launch. I wanted to take a minute to introduce our interpretation of lean startup methods and why we choose to use them in our...

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Idea Tracking

It is a good idea to track daily events, thoughts, brainstorming sessions, interests, etc. Brainstorming and note taking are both excellent ways to see your vision. Get a small notepad to put in your pocket, or use an iphone, iPad, or an equivalent that you can use to immediately record...

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What Is Your Why?

There is little doubt that coming up with an idea for a business can be a challenging task. For some people just coming up with an idea is enough to derail the very notion of starting a business. One of the first things that has to be done is finding...